Instant replay good or bad for MMA?

It could be on the way, but only in limited circumstances for now. Like when Khalil Rountree's 2nd knee connected with Daniel Jolly on the weekend. A fight-ending combo that involves a possible illegal strike would be eligible for a review by instant replay.

"The Association of Boxing Commissions and Combative Sports (ABC) rules and regulations committee for MMA has passed the use of instant replay for fight-finishing sequences, committee chair Sean Wheelock confirmed Tuesday with MMA Fighting.

The proposed rule will be brought to the ABC body and voted on at its annual conference this summer in Connecticut. Paul Gift of Bloody Elbow was the first to report the development.

The language of the proposed instant replay rule is intentionally limited in scope, Wheelock said. It says a referee “may only use Instant Replay when he/she feels that a “Fight Ending Sequence” was possibly caused by an illegal action (foul) whether intentional or unintentional.”

In other words, if a potential foul — an eye poke, blow to the groin, illegal knee, etc. — leads to the finish of a fight, a referee has the discretion to go to the replay to determine whether or not the blow was legal or not and what the fight result should be ruled.

“Once reviewing the replay the referee can either confirm or dispel whether a foul was committed that brought about the fight ending sequence and take the appropriate actions from there,” the rule states."

I dont like Rumble Johnson at all, but there's zero reason for his loss to Kevin Burns to stand

The replay would at least remove shit like winning by eyepoke

Didn't read. Good.

I'm more concerned about the poop rules

I fear that a little bit could turn into too much, so part of me doesn't want it.  Then again, people's careers and health are on the line, so they deserve accuracy.  My verdict?  Allow it, but only in very limited circumstances and situations, and never during action.

MountainMedic - I'm more concerned about the poop rules
This, there have been a few scat fights. I can't watch to hear buffer called the contest and declares the winner by loss of bowels.