Instead of debating on Helio, hear it from him

This should end, but probably won't, arguments on Helio, his development of Jiu Jitsu, and his relationship with Carlos. His words,not Rorion or his children. This interview was held awhile back before Sakuraba and the Gracie defeats. If you were not around at that time or old enough, Sakuraba beating the Gracies was a huge deal.

Anyway, at least you hear it from him, not someone else, and know his side.

That pretty much sums up what everyone already knew about how Helio felt about the creation if BJJ. Phone Post

This interview was a "bonus" in the Gracie advanced videos around 1998, long before Sakuraba fought any Gracie (but, when you listen at 16:00, obviously after Rickson had left Rorion's Grace Academy).

He is all about the money, and slags off his own adoptive father, nephews and most talented son in this video to get it.