instructional distributors?

are there any distributors that will put out independently made instructional tapes? I realize that most big companies will only put out thoses that they make. What distributors will work with the DIY'er. THanks

I forgot what the name of the company is or what their web addy is but if you check out who did the Catamount John Frankl Series they have the do it yourselfers kind of plan I believe. It's done on DVDR and they mass produce at a cheap price in any quantity with case and cover art etc.

I looked into doing this when I started thinking about making videos. There are a few guys who will do this type of thing, but I don't have their contact information anymore, sorry.

I ended up learning how to do it all myself, although I HUGELY underestimated the amount of time editing would take. Initially I thought that a skilled editor might be able to slap together an instructional video in 3 or 4 hours, and it's actually more like 300 or 400 hours per project.

Good luck with your project - long live the independent DIYers!!!

ttt for going for it. good luck, and be prepared for haters.

Yeah, Roy Harris mentioned that it was something like 40 or 100 hours editing per hour of play time, IIRC.