Instructional Drinking Game

Of course I wouldn't recommend drinking and watching BJJ or MMA instructionals (especially in a group of people where you might be motivated to try out crazy new techniques while inebriated)... BUT - if instructionals were the source of a drinking game, what would be some good ones.

I'll start: Take a shot every time Danaher says "Understand this" when watching one of his ETS vids.


Everytime Ryan Hall "power blinks" his eyes

Every time you hear "ok guys" from any brazilian instructor

I think these are all geared towards rapid onset alcohol poisoning lol.

Every time someone says the word "details"

Mario Sperry saying "even my mother wouldn't do that"

Everytime someone says boom 

Every time Stephen Koesting says "Richie, here..."


mideastgrappler - 

Mario Sperry saying "even my mother wouldn't do that"

If you want to get wasted quick, take a shot every time he says "Bing!"

Every time Xande says "Pah"

Danaher's "shockingly difficult" and "as a result". 

A shot of tequila for every curse word that comes out of Carlson Gracie Sr.'s mouth when he feels like his team was or is being cheated.