Instructionals and BJJ DVDs

Hey guys,

I see a lot of BJJ instructionals and DVDs of competitions getting reviewed here. So i am guessing a lot of you guys own a lot of instructionals and stuff.

So this christmas i want to start my BJJ DVD collection. SO essentially i'm asking for your opinion on what would either be some good instructionals to get or some good compeitions on DVD?

P.S. i have had my bluebelt for 6 months, if that helps you decide what may be good and what is not. I am open to anything.

As far as competitions go BJJtapes has the best selection of DVD's. I havent seen their instructionals but I imagine they are pretty good.

If I were going to but only one set, it would be either Sperry's or Saulo's based on what I've seen

Check out for video reviews.


Roy Harris BJJ 201 - the entire topic is how to move from being a beginner to an intermediate BJJer. It rules for blue and purple belts.

If you want 'gameplan' stuff (how to get the takedown, get control, pass, submit, etc.), the strategy behind the whole fight, I would recommend Sperry or Saulo from World Martial Arts

If you want an overview of level-appropriate material, a survey of what the thinking and doing can be like, than BJJ 201 from Roy Harris is good.

If you want to focus on specific areas of your game, like guard passing OR pin escaping, etc., the individual components, then Michael Jen is the way to go.

If you want to see famous BJJ competitors showing sets of moves, some focused, some not, often what they're well known for, then BJJ Tapes, Island Martial Arts, and like companies could have just what you're looking for.

BJJTapes and have lots of comps. I find the whole events often boring as watching paint dry (as many competitors seem happy to score a couple points and then stall to victory), so the remixes, highlights, and other more heavily edited offerings would be the way to go.

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If you don't mind VHS Roy Harris' Armlock tapes, Heelhook Seminar and wrestling from the knees are awesome.

If you like no gi stuff I would go with Barett Yoshidas videos. He has the best stuff I've seen put on video as far as instructionals go for no gi.

Cesar Gracie has a solid fundamental set. good price too.

Island Videos has a killer sale going on. Randy Bloom's "Playing Outside the Guard" and leg lock videos are very good from what i've heard. i only finished the 1st Outside the Guard video and i used some of those moves last night. i especially like the half-guard to taking the back/subs/etc series. the medeiros and diogo sets would be good to get for your collection as well

i third roy harris' "bjj 201"...great stuff and very informative. i think it is on sale, but i'm not sure. hope this helps.

Anything from SBG and WMA. I did get the Rigan Machado Triangle DVD and book from BJJtapes and it was great quality so I would assume their other stuff is too.

Also, I've heard nothing but great things about Michael Jens & Islands products.

My suggestions would be... | | | | | |

Hope this helps

Depends on your goal:
- If you want to progress from blue to purple: BJJ 201 from Roy Harris and Pedro Sauer from blue to purple are good.

  • If you want guard game, side control top, No Gi stuff. Basically you just want to improve and doesn't care about belt: Get Baret Yoshida ( and

  • You want to learn from tournaments and practice from them: get from and also 101 submissions

  • Leglocks: Egan Inoue Leglock bible

  • Chokes: Burt Richardson Choke Em Series. So much detail explained.

  • Each range for Gi: Michael Jen all theway.

Overall, try to use techniques that people use in competitions more than just theory from instuctionals. Get the best people that can kick your ass and learn from them. If they don't want to share. watch them and tape their sparring sessions.

egan leglock bible where do u buy that one?