instructionals B-day gift?

My brothers b-day is coming up and i know he has been wanting a buy a set for sometime now .i would like to know what you guys would reccomend ..He is basicly a newbie but pretty athletic strong and explosive.I was thinking somwhere in the range of 100-150 bucks that im willing to spend.oh he is in it for self -defense i dont think he would compete


Check out Roy Harris' BJJ 101 series. All of the basics are covered in good detail and the price is fair.

gracie kukuk a-z

Covers a little bit of everything, and has some cool shit thrown in. Harris's tapes are the best for fundamentals imo, but are quite boring. Save them for when he realizes he's addicted to bjj, then go with bjj 101/201. They take more discipline to watch.

I don't find Roy's stuff boring--I would go with 101 parts 1 & 2, and one of the fun DVDs like Armlocks 1, BJJ 101 vol 3 (leglocks), or Takedowns from the Knees.


Get out Island Martial Arts. They got an awesome deal on the Rey
Diogo set.

I would recommend:

  1. Michael Jen's Ultimate Guard Passing 1 - The Basics DVD is still, IMHO, the greatest single instructional out there. Gives all the little details and a complete system for passing the guard. $80. (You could also check out some of the others, especially Pin Escapes, and Guard (attacks from the guard) but if you want one, this is the one.)
  2. Roy Harris' BJJ 101 DVD rather than focusing in depth on one aspect, this gives a wide overview of material for the beginner level of BJJ, especially escapes and other things Harris considers fundemental at that stage. Nothing fancy, everything solid. $30.
  3. If you want to go to your limit or just above, there are also DVDs from World Martial Arts or Ultimate Imports that show the complete 'game' of people like Mario Sperry & Murillo Bustamante or Marcello Garcia or others. Rather than on aspect like Guard Passing, or one level like Beginner, these show a strategy from takedown to control to submission the way certain competitor(s) have excelled at doing it. Probably $80 -> $200
  4. You can get collections of movements, or strings of movements, from different champions at different price ranges and different quality levels, from the amazing closed & open guard sets of Rodrigo Modeiras from Island Martial Arts to mishmashes of unrelated movements from others. From $15 per DVD -> $80-$100+ per set.

  5. Lastly, you can get footages of BJJ competition (some incredibly boring stall-fests, a few really amazing moves) like the Mundials, Pan Ams, or No-Gi like Abu Dhabi's ADCC. and has that kind of stuff. does as well, but also has less-boring remixes, 101 submissions, Eddie Bravo's Twister, etc.

Great post, rene.r.

I think for the self defense aspect, you would probably want to go with a vale tudo oriented set. Maybe Tito Ortiz's from Island or the Mario Sperry set from WMA.

fatherof3, if you want a set from or, shoot me an email and I will hook you up.

Sperry's stuff is really good

Very nice post, rene.r.

For his level I would suggest..

...waiting for FJKD3 to come out or get FJKD2 3 ground tapes + Rodney Kings Denmark seminar video = Great fundamentals for top/bottom/guard game + the best standup instruction available (as far as Ive seen them)...


P.S I also found Roys tapes a bit boring and think that the beginners just wouldn´t have the patience to watch those. Otherwise some of them are good, but some I do not like at all.