What a session this is going to be! We have over 30 people
attending from all over the world, Switzerland, Ireland,
England and all over the USA and Canada. Im flattered and
honored to have you all at this session, our biggest & best to
date. We have cops, military police, martial artists, self-
defense specialists and an array of professionals from fields
as diverse as medicine to the stock market. :-)

There are currently 62 PDR members registered to our PDR
Pro program, we continue to grow & grow. I'm excited to have
you all attend this new & revamped PDR Instructor course.
We will break 100 Coaches worldwide by the summer!
hopefully most will be able to attend our COMBAT
UNIVERSITY BOOT CAMP session (still finalizing location).

Anyhow, there will be a lot of new information and a
completely different format from our past PDR sessions. We
will also have a 6 - 8 training person cadre assisting, so the
student to coach ratio will be great.

There are new photos up on our WEBSITE in the ARCHIVES
section's PHOTOGALLERY for anyone wishing to see shots
from past PDR training and the camp.

If anyone has any questions what so ever, do not hesitate to
call or email. 877-773-2748 or

Looking forward to the session.


I wish I could be there because I'm sure it will be great!! Once our Team here at Macon County gets back on line(severe budget problems)I hope to see you all again. The first one we went to was a great chance to train with others. If it's your first one you will be hooked!!! Keep up the good work and I hope to see the PDR TEAM again SOON!!


Tony and TEAM (new and old)

I am extremely excited about the FEB session, and look forward to seeing new and familiar faces.

I have been apart of this process since its genesis in the year 2000, and continue to learn, comprehend and share the research that Tony has unselfishly provided.

The evolution of the PDR has no boundries and the quality and passion of BTCMS is unprecedant.

I hope all of you empty your minds before coming to Montreal next month, it's going to be quite a ride!!!

Robb Finlayson, PDR Team

Tony and Everyone lucky enough to attend in Feb.

All I can say is I wish I could be there. I do have a close friend attending and can't wait for him to get back with his new found knowledge. To everyone else attending: Open your mind and let everything just seep in. You will be amazed at how you will grasp new ideas months after you have attended your first session by just re-reading your notes.

Tony and the rest, Hope to see you guys soon.

Eric Walker, PDR Team

Are there any PDR team members in Oregon/Washington?

EMAIL our office and we'll put you in touch with the closest


The session is upon us... 8 PDR COACHES are in town for an all day prep and then the first meet & greet is tomorrow night...

See you all soon.