Looking for a BJJ and/or Submission grappling instructor, for new academy located in the historical district of Downtown New Bedford Massachusetts. Preferably one with aspirations of becoming a partner. No $$$ necessary just knowledge & skills on the ground. Also MMA and/or Muay Thai instructor wanted. Former teaching experience not necessary. Gotta start some where! Awesome location directly across from the YMCA. Over 1,000 sq ft. of brand new, top of the line matting. E-mail COMBATSPORTSACADEMY@HOTMAIL.COM or Call Toll-Free 1-800-670-9272.

ttt for a new academy down on the south coast. ever since don banville closed down shop, there's been nowhere close for people down there to train.


TTT....good luck. Send me the info about the school, and I'll get it added to

Why did donny close down his school?

How far is New Bedford from Albany, NY

4+ hours Jay

Don was actually @ my Academy this weekend. He's injured...getting better.


did you see the perfect storm?