Instructors needed in calgary

Hey everybody, I am making this for a good friend who is opening a 12000 sq ft boxing club. He wants to add mma to the club as well, but he doesn't know a whole lot about the sport; so he came to me.

I am looking for anyone with bjj, mma or muay thai training of any level. If anyone is interested, I can be emailed

Any help would be appreciated!



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Mark "Lofty" Loft.

He's dreamy.....and we would all benefit if he left Ontario....hahahaha....

I look terrible in cowboy boots

Legit LOL

what area of calgary are we talking about?

where is it?

I will get more info for you

Mark is this Jesses?

Hey Chad, I don't think so?
Did my friend contact you, btw?

you should contact Chad "Whisperwind" Hamzeh. He is a god in Calgarys MMA scene.

Hey all, if anybody has any questions about the facility etc, you can send emails to this address: