Insult the sh*t out of the poster above you

^ too shy to ask out the guy he finds really cute that he sees at the market every sunday afternoon. Settles for getting pounded out sunday evening by the fat ugly guy who has dorito crumbs in his beard that uses him as a booty call and doesnt respect him

^has dorito crumbs in beard

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^his dad didnt show up to his piano recital after he promised he’d make it this time.

^ Is constantly making his boyfriend late/missing for commitments he has made.

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The_Pundit is one of them gays

Is a danger to 12 year old boys

^scared of commitment

^Is a pooh butt

^Look like a failed reality tv star

Failed at water polo… poor swimmer…

^doesnt like it when his food mixes on his dinner plate and whines so much when it happens it ruins everyone’s meal

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^ got knocked out by a salmon ^


The only thing he is insulted by in this thread is the lack of dick pics

^ got knocked out by a dildo ^

^ made mypillow his pillow if you know what I mean

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^ never washes pillow covers

^ does laundry, but doesn’t separate whites and colours


^is a species that has to do the laundry again after i sleep in the bed of all his family members

^hated by Airbnb renters everywhere

Is invisible…