Insurrectionists at Justice Roberts Home


Has Kristol ever supported protests at clinics?

All three situations are illegal. Was that her point?

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Im not sure how i got quoted here

They are protesting inside churches during service, which is also illegal. It is fair game to protest inside a planned parenthood waiting room?

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I drive by a group that regularly is picketing and protesting outside the planned parenthood for the last 7 or so years. I have no issue with a similar group protesting outside a church. Lady in the tweet specifically said “outside of churches.”

Kristol said dont intrude on people attending their place of worship.

So her response was fucking stupid.

Plenty of videos yesterday of protesters inside churches causing disruptions

Planned Parenthood isnt a pharmacy.
Would she be ok if they followed her home?

What the hell just happened? App…

office space paper jam GIF

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Except they are going inside of churches

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Muh insurrection.

I can post about stories from 2009 too.

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Mine was more in response to the in/out of church argument but congrats on posting an article. :+1:

You posted an about a story to deflect on Democrats breaking laws and acting exactly like those they are critical of. Then I posted an article of a piece of shit murderer on the opposite side from the same year, which was 13 years ago and neither are relevant to the subject. Why do Democrats run from the truth?

Muh insurrection. 2009 murder. REEEEEEEE.

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Ok boomer

Mass church shooting in California now…

There hasn’t been a court ruling yet