integrating Mod 1 and heavy liftin

Is there a way I could integrate Scrapper's workouts while maitaining a regular weight lifting program (PL)? I'd like to get into better condition without losing too much brute strength.

As in, frequency? Maybe Mod 1 2x a week, lift 3x?


Unfortunately, there's no real blanket answer to this question even tho I get it all the time. Your ability to lift heavy while using the Mod. 1 is going to depend on a few factors like:

-Your present fitness conditioning (which takes into account your recovery ability).

-How hard the Mod. 1 workouts are for you.

-What you're Iron schedule is like.

I usually suggest sticking with Iron for 2-3 weeks, switching over to the Mod. 1 for a couple of weeks and then cycling back into the Iron. Or you can follow forum member Ryno's suggestion and use the Mod. 1 workouts in a modified manner as a kickass GPP warmup before you lift.

There's all kinds of variations...the key is finding the one(s) that won't take you into overtraining.


Gotcha, Scrap. Thanks for the reply. I'll try experimenting w/ varying frequencies for each type of workout.

To add to Scrapper's post, it also depends on wht you're trying to accomplish. Does "better condition" mean losing bodyfat, increasing cardiovascular endurance, strength-endurance, etc. This could all alter how you structure the program (as well as diet).