I am not proud to say [so this is no boast] that I am fast becoming one of the more 'ripped off' martial artists around. Wow! What a claim to fame.

The list of blatant copycats grows & grows. Polite letters to these people are met with furious resistance, as if I was the one doing something wrong, their replies are often defiant & defensive. Lawyers letters sometimes work, but most of these guys do not make enough money to sue.

It's sad that the honor and integrity is so lacking among these individuals and also that punishment for transgressions is not swift & final. Many of you have read my WARRIORS & WORRIERS section on my web-site, so you know where I'm coming from, but every month, the of people who just think its OK to copy my material and then claim it as their own grows.

Examples? I'd rather keep it general because this post actually has a HAPPY ENDING. But here's a couple:

After several years of emails from pissed off fans and a specific mention on my web-site, one of these guys finally acknowledged me on his site but also mentions 3 guys who were also 'students of mine' as his mentors as well [this, all so he didn't have to say I taught him everything]. Weird, but at least he spelled my name right.

Another famous marital artist used my trade name PANIC ATTACK to promote his seminars. We had no relationship and had never trained together. When I called him to ask, he replied that he had no idea I had 'Trademarked' it??? As if that was permission to use it anyhow.

6 months ago I received 2 books from a marital artist with a personal inscription thanking me for my research and inspiring him. He also mentions he was introduced to me by his instructor ['so & so'] who happens to be this very famous marital artist who has also never mentioned me, quoted me, acknowledged me even though his system yet clearly has borrowed concepts & tactics from mine.

And yesterday I received the most blatant misappropriation of my material where actual terms and phrases and the whole SPEAR SYSTEM infrastructure is described [using a different name]. This innovator has my videos, has attended my lectures and received industry specific literature from my company. Grrrrrrrrrr.

Does this sort of thing bother me? Of course. I am human. Does it flatter me? [Remember Oscar Wilde's quip: "Imitation is the highest form of flattery."?] No, this does not flatter me at all. Emotionally, they guys are like little mosquitoes in a tent.

The only redeeming aspect is that my research is being taught to their students

Anyone with legitimate, legal solutions, feel free to email me, I will also provide you with a list of websites to visit [but please wear a seat belt and helmet] for your safety, often the 'shock' of incredulousness can knock one to the floor.

Anyhow, thanks for listening, I feel a little better. Like I said, this post has a HAPPY ENDING. So let's move on.


Last week, Raptor Prime posted about a new book titled: UNLEASHING THE WARRIOR WITHIN that contained info that reminded him of my work. He flipped to the acknowledgments and discovered my name was included.

I picked up the booked and discovered that the author had been trained by the U.S. Navy SEAL Advanced Combat Team that I had trained {But wait, I thought that only **** trained the SEALs? }

Further I was pleasantly surprised that the author had in fact done what so many in this day and age conveniently forget to do...say thanks.

Here is the blurb that appeared in my E Newsletter a few days ago [those of you on our mailing list received this already]

CONGRATULATIONS to Richard Machowicz, a ten-year veteran Navy SEAL, on his release of the book UNLEASHING THE WARRIOR WITHIN. The book is about mental preparation, mind-set and attitude regarding goal setting. Aside from a congrats for writing and releasing a book [an accomplishment in itself], Richard did something very rare and important in this day & age of modern masters... Richard, thanks the NSW Combat Fighting Instructor courses cadre for seeking out the world's best to create their program and then lists the names of a select few instructors he wanted to thank for helping shape his thinking and training. The list is short. [Page 185]

I then emailed Mr. Machowicz and congratulated him on his book and thanked him for mentioning me. He emailed back the next day. Here is his letter:

-----Original Message-----
From: TheWarriorWithin@
Sent: Thursday, May 18, 2000 11:55 AM
Subject: Re: Form posted from Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Dear Tony:

Thank you for you e-mail, it was my pleasure to receive it. Please know that
your place in the Martial Arts lore is etched in stone and not in whispered
breaths. You have always lead our profession from the front and sometimes (I
imagine) you've had to drag others kicking and screaming on "the way."

I consider you efforts, achievements and contributions examples that I must
look and live up to everyday. You've made a tremendous impact on so many people I am proud that I have honored that in some way.

Thank you for mentioning me and Unleashing the Warrior Within in your newsletter it means a lot to me. I hope that you find value in the book. It would be fun to work with you in some format in the future and hope that we are able to work that out.

I hope that all is great with you and your boy, I pray for much warmth and
happiness in your life.

With warm regards and great respect,

Richard J. Machowicz


Like I said, a happy ending. I hope some are inspired by this.


Grrrrrrrrrr! I feel your emotional content Tony.

If "possible" I would like to visit the www.ripTBoff.idiot web sites.

If it's any solace Tony, "they" are still at the bottom of the curve. Everyone can't be a leader.

Stay as strong as I feel you to be, train hard, stay safe.

L. Nat

Thank you. Appreciate your thoughts. I agree with you; they are also copying my older material.

Anyone who trains with me knows that the research, evolutoion and polishing never stops.

It still is 'irksome'.




I'm glad I was able to bring you and Mr. Machowicz together. Perhaps if and when I can get a group together here in Southern California to train with you, you could pay him a visit? I believe he's in LA - specifically Marina Del Rey.

I think I recall seeing somebody use your PANIC ATTACK term for a seminar and wondered to myself hmmmmmm...can he do that? I'm sure it's the same guy you're talking about.

FYI: I have another book by another author called "Taking It To The Street." I admire this author's work, but you may want to check the book out. I can e-mail you personally for the author's name, or you can look it up at - that's where I got it from. I'm not saying he's stolen anything, but there is a concept or two that you may find familiar. Then again, perhaps it is just another person who has discovered the same truth. I was practicing my own minor league version of the PANIC ATTACK and emphasized realistic training and techniques before I was made familiar with you and your techniques, but I never had a title for it or tried to market the ideas.

In fact, I have a website where I have posted my ramblings, and I've wanted to alter it now that I've been exposed to all this great new material, but I've been a good boy and not done so. If you want to check it out, I'll e-mail you the address. Don't want to be advertising my stuff in your forum.


Mr Blauer,

As you know from several of my posts and E-mails...
You as well as several other Martial artists have inspired alot of my idea's. I teach SD and I do use segements and "pieces" of your system...BUT I explain to my "students" where it all came from...

And I do intend to become a instructor under your system when i can afford to go over seas.

All the best and thanks for your thoughts and inspiration.

God speed.

Kym robinson, australia


There was a bass player name Jaco. He had a saying in the music business. "There are no more great musicians, only great theives". Unfortunately, that saying holds true in the martial arts. But always remember. I know where it came from. Everyone in this forum know where it came from. Even these "thieves" know where it came from. The man. Not the myth. But the legend himself. Tony Blauer!!!


I agree with you Tony. It's sad when you work so hard to put together this info, just to have some clown come along and rip you off without simply giving you the credit you deserve.

I know it's no consolation, but at the least you should be flattered that your work has attracted so many imitators and imposters.


Thanks for the support, appreciate it. ANd I do realize that to cause controversy and to be copied means I have come up with something important, but quest is not driven by a desire for 'notariety', its driven by passion and desire.


BTW: WHo wrote 'Taking it to the Streets'? [Geez, didn't I realease a video in the early 90's called Take it to the Atreets?]

If it is any consolation when we were 17 my friends and I did our own panic attack tape muck around and we used classic lines like...

"This is the pornographic segment of panic attack"
"With our Hill Street Blues camera work"
"Who ho hoo its the boys from Chu Fen Do"
" Hey I know you youre Paulie"
"Get in a few quick headbutts and groin shots"
Great lines...there are too many of them

and we even perfected the voice as well.

Seriously though, Please do not let these "immitators" disuade you as there are soo many of us out there that benefit...
I know this is no consolation but I guess it is like the guy who invented first aid..people may copy heaps of his stuff and now he gets no credit (which he deserves) but if it saves a life..then i guess that is the most important thing

I know that probally makes lil sense but forget them
and keep up your GOOD efort to further and better self defence. I don't know how many people could say that
they teach millions of people to realistically defend themselves...and actually be honest about it.

Good show Mr Blauer and Godspeed

Kym Robinson, australia

Thanks Kym:

It's my passion and desire that drives me, not my ego, so though these guys really irritate me on an integrity level, they are destined to their own fate every time they dream, look in the mirror or lie about how innovative they are.

Though it may appear [from a post like this] as though I may 'dwell' upon this sort of moral/legal transgression, I don't, I let it out [the frustration] and move on. It's posted here for two reasons:

1. To release it to many of my friends & family in the martial art community [all you guys].

2. To let the world know that the world knows!!

I will continue to publicize fraudulent, immoral & illegal activity within the 'real' self-defense community. This sort of stuff is reprehensible, not from the 'monopoly' game perspective but from an authenticity perspective; their students are expecting more but getting less because they are 'Xeroxing' information rather than learning and or developing it empirically.

I trust this makes sense. Again thank you for the support and be sure to be vocal about this sort of thing or it'll never go away.


As one striving to become a 'subject matter expert' I have a little story to tell.

A colleague who had had a scary incident came to me as a supervisor and personal safety instructor, gave me the scenario and asked me what he had done wrong. I spent 45 minutes talking to him about the psychology of conflict, explaining why his opponent had done what he had done and why the officer had reacted in the way he had and failed to control the situation at an early enough stage to prevent a bad fight.

Throughout this he was nodding his head and his eyes were getting bigger and bigger. 'How did you know I was thinking that?' He could see everything I was saying was the truth as he had felt it at the time. he congratulated me on my research and asked to come along and train with me.

For a few seconds it felt really good to have someone beleive I was a real 'substance matter expert' but I disabused him of his hero worship and pointed him in the right direction. I wonder if those who give into the ego by neglecting to credit their teacher and point their student along the way to their own research and personal development really understand what it is to be a coach.

Stay safe, (I borrowed that one too)


The song was written by The Doobie Brothers I think. The book was written by Marc MacYoung.

That's ok.

I don;t think your dwelling on it, but I think what you arer saying needs to be said so these immitators and copy cats get the message. Hopefully they do have a concience, but who knows if they do or not.

All the best Kym


My magicial mentor Karrell Fox said it best:

"Imitation is the highest form of thievery"

Take Care

Hey! Fox stole that from Wilde!!!

:-) No kidding.


MMY. I thought so!

L. Nat