Intel 955X or Nvidia Nforce 4


Which chipset would you all recommend?
The benchmarks are close to identical. The Intel 955 from Asus is about 80 dollars more, but the Nforce SLI from Asus lacks Thermal Monitor 2 Support that the intel board provides. The intel board also has HD audio but the nforce has the extra PATA.

Bear in mind I don't expect to use this for hardcore gaming, but will defintely overclock the Pentium D 805 chip that I have.


Someone has to know something!

"I think the TM2 is built into the chip on the newer "D"s."

Yes they're built in...the Intel 955x chipset supports it but the NForce4 SLI chipset does not.

I also need assistance on how to cool a northbridge on a chipset that has passive cooling (no fan but a heatsink).

"Why no fan?"

Apparently Asus wants to move to quieter motherboards. No fan for the northbridge...not the cpu btw