INTENSE staredown at Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder 3 Presser (vid)

I’m actually quite pumped for this one. If Deontay somehow wins, there’s gotta be a 4th fight, no? Didnt like Tyson saying he’s going to put on weight and try to run Deontay over as you’ve always got to be careful against someone with Deontay’s power. Hopefully, he’s not taking him lightly.

Tyson looks ready. I hope he starches this excuse laden clownshoe so he can move on to the last 2 interesting fights in sight.

Better not put on too much weight. That’d be more exhausting than wearing a 40 pound costume for your ring entrance, and ask Deontay how that worked out for him

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Wilder is all theatrics

Ya I know Deontay said some stupid ass shit too and think Tyson should win this one similar to the 2nd but if hes too overconfident and not i nthe right headspace we could see an upset. Deontay always dangerous.

Just beat Wilder, Joshua, and move to MMA already.

HW division needs real talent. There are like, 5 dudes.

I hope he walks through Wilder without taking too much damage. He was looking very focused a month ago, could tell he had been sparring. The AJ fight needs to happen and imo it should be happening before this fight.