Interesting Article on MMA/T.U.F.

i found it to be an interesting read.


"Judges need to be more educated on the sport of MMA in general. Many judges have a shocking lack of respect for ground fighting, and more specifically submission attempts. When Charuto Verissimo and Matt Hughes fought, Charuto had a deep triangle choke locked in during the first round. Hughes later admitted that he was on the verge of tapping out and was in tremendous danger. Yet not one judge scored that round 10-8, instead all three gave it to Charuto 10-9. Close submissions like this need to be given the same weight as knockdowns."

Correct. Charuto got ripped off.

You have to add in half points if your going to score MMA on a ten point must system. There's much more to it than boxing and you can't accurately score MMA fights on a small scale like that.

I'm glad to see that we all agree that Charuto beat Hughes. CASE CLOSED.

i understand what they are saying about the ground game and how most people are bored with it.

what do you guys think can be done about that if anything? I mean if anything with time, after watching a few fights i would think that people would start to understand the ground game.

i mean my brother has seen just a few (maybe 3-4) UFC's with me and he now loves grappling.


They need qualified judges. The boxing judges should have the integrity to admit they aren't educated enough on MMA to judge the fights.

Charuto was robbed.

I do think Submissions should be worth the same as a konckdown.

I also think however, that a knockdown does not necasarily = a 10-8 round. This is not boxing.

The first round should have been 10-8 not for the sub attempt, but the total lack of action from Matt, Charuto dominated him that round.