interesting article re. state of MMA in AL

"MMA matches in Alabama -- amateur or professional -- have technically been illegal since April. It is a class C felony to promote one and a misdemeanor to attend one until regulations are formally passed, according to the Alabama Athletic Commission."

any thoughts? Recent developments?  Lets hear some discussion/ arguments. I know this board is at minimum, lurked, by those in the sport.

It annoys me to no end.

Many of the more respectable promoters in the state have stopped promoting events, while the less respectable ones go right on having them. I heard that one of the best promoters(in my opinion) is probably just going to give up and move on to something else. Overall, this has been bad for the sport and has hurt MMA in Alabama. It's made it so that the promoters that don't care about he law have had the market all to themselves and have been able to make money and grow.

Who built a cage out of plywood and dog fencing?...ahem

I went to an ammy mma show last night in Andalusia and was I ever so surprised that this crap is still going on:

1) 32 competitors and 16 fights. Most of the "fighters" were in no shape, wore the famous wife beater shirt, and wore board shorts. the promoter asked for two fighters out of the crowd, and male and a female. Of course, two stepped up.

2) Team youtube did well with half the fight card ending in the first two minutes of each fight with the fabled guillotine choke.

3) The one female competitor (either the promoter's daughter or someone who trains at his gym) was looking for someone in the crowd to compete with was annoying. And when the other female stepped up she whipped that girl's butt real good. By the end of the fight the trained female fighter's face looked like a bad bruise. Promoter was pissed. So very funny.

4)the fight card was in complete disarray with so many adjustments througout the night.

5) no doctor or medical staff that I could see. too many guys walking around holding bags of ice to their faces, towels to their cuts, and generally puking where they could.

6) no security. people and children in the warm up areas, dressing areas, everywhere.

7) refs had no kind of ranking or experience to speak of! promoter used his fighters from 365 mma club!

the only reason I was there was to help one of my student who took the fight before joining upwith me. needless to say we will never go back to that kind of sh!t show.

oh yea. ANOTHER gym/ promoter is using his gym in dothan to put on "backyard mma fights" as he advertises his bar. Naturally, his guys train mma and they fight whoever they can find.


 i went home to enterprise about a year or so ago and saw a sign saying ammy fights in wicksburg. then met some kid who was gonna fight another kid who out weighed him by30lbs and could use whatever gloves they brought. pathetic. now im sure both of them consider themselves mma fighters that trane ufc

lookout for the cops

oh God! how could I forget about Wicksburg!!

Cops? Hell, most of them are either in it or watching.

Alabama doesn't have a Commission worth noting. MMA in Alabama is a complete joke.