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A lot of this discussion is about team building. I just picked up a copy of Richard Marcinko's (Rogue Warrior) book entitled The Real Team (Pocket Books a division of Simon & Schuster). It is supposed to be "True Stories from the real-life SEALs featured in the Rogue Warrior Series," but what I'm truly reading about (100 pages in, so far) is about building a team. In the spirit of PDR and working together, I can strongly recommend this book, personally, to those that wish to be enlightenend on both sides of team building (i.e. those who build, those who are a part of it). Also, it's just plain good, fast reading!

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Mitch Joel

Thanks Mitch. I love reading Marcinko's books. I'll be sure to look for it.

Hal Pierce

I had heard a little about Tony and thought he "only" emphasized the psychology of fighting and did very little hard core self-defense until I read the Marcinko book and saw that he made reference to Tony and his Chu Fen Do program. Knowing Mr. Marcinko emphasizes realistic no-nonsense training and would only mention Tony if he thought his system was exceptional, I decided to take a closer look at Mr. Blauer's material and got hooked! Who says you can't learn anything from reading "fiction"?

Tony even has a picture of himself with Mr. Marcinko on his website:

Hi tsunaminw,

I think a lot of the fictional Marcinko stuff, is just that, fiction. He takes all the cool goodies and toys that he gets to play with and writes semi-fiction (i.e. real cool stuff like close quarters combat and guns n' stuff but with literary license to move the story along... which is just fine with me). I think he shines in both his fiction works (sure is a great read when sitting pool-side) and his non-fiction, more business related books, are truly insightful, if you're into learning about leadership and team work (again, PDR folks, get The Real Team... and let me know your thoughts). I also have Point Man and it is great. There are tons of books out there and it's always great to wind down after a work-out to some whoop ass thinking or war stories. I think I've shredded three PDR Manuals of Tony's by excessive use ;), my Blauer video and audio tapes are all worn out and my Marcinko collection is also pretty up-to-date. I urge everyone to exercise and cross-train three-deimentionaly... so read, practice and train hard.

Mitch Joel

P.S. If you want some other titles - business, martial, military, literature, tech, etc..., I love sharing and hearing about other literary heroes, besides Tony and Marcinko ;)

You're absolutely right, here it is, straight from Tony's website: "For fans of Richard Marcinko & John Weisman, the New York Times best-selling authors of the Rogue Warrior series, look for mention of Blauer and his unique fighting system in the up-coming sequel SEAL FORCE ALPHA. (Blauer is featured on page 133 and his combative tactics influence fights throughout the book. For more on the Rogue Warrior series check out their site @"

Good fun reading... but check out Marcinko's The Real Team, especially those involved with PDR.

Mitch Joel

I forget which title, but check the index, Tony is talked about in one of them...pretty cool