Interesting Cro Cop update (link)

Check out the hoodie he's wearing in the pic.

nice find, here's the hotlink:

and here's a teaser:


Also here's an article linked on the side of the page:

Can anyone here translate?

12/27/06 02:48 PM

DAMN Victor 6 min too late

Fucking sweet.

OH, SNAP! Is that hoodie photoshoped??? Plz say it isn't photoshoped!

it's not!

There is going to be an announcement in 2 days. This seals the deal for me.

Props to Zuffa for such a HUGE acquisition.

LOL. I wasn't serious, but after all of the rumors, "ONce bitten, twice shy" Ya can't blame me!

Let me just add this before PrideGP1 finds this thread.

From: PrideGP1

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The other day I had planned on inviting my sister over to hang out with my friends and I. I already had a ton of liquor and I shared with my sister. I made sure that by the time everyone left she would be too drunk to drive back to my mom's house.
I told her that I couldn't take her back there because I too were drunk. She said she'd sleep on the sofa, but I insisted that she sleep in my bed while I sleep on the sofa. Luckily she took my invitation and I sat on the sofa contemplating my next move. I didn't want to wait too long, or else she'd be sound asleep. I turned off all the remaining lights in the house and quietly went into my bedroom. She said my name as I entered the room, but I didn't respond. Very smooth like, I crawled under the sheets and curled my body against her back and rested my arm around her hips. I placed my hand on her abdomen and glided it to her vagina where I began to rub.

She didn't resist and we engaged in sex. I wore a condom, but only after the 69. It was the best sex I've ever had. Nothing flashly, but the psychological sensation is unmatched.

This morning when I woke up she was gone. I'm not going over to my mom's until shes gone back to school.

"cymen, a sherdog poster, said that picture is old and if you save the picture the name is 'nog-crocop'. thats what he said .."

Cymen also hates the UFC more than he loves his own life. EvilYoshida has nothing on that guy.

ma jebi ga

Sylvia or Vera versus Cro Cop will be great this summer, for the title.

Next year, Cro Cop-Fedor II and Cro Cop-Arlovski in UFC.

Bummer that we won't be able to see Cro Cop soccer kick anyone's gourd again.

"Bummer that we won't be able to see Cro Cop soccer kick anyone's gourd again."

He could soccer kick the body ala James Irvin.

Fear Borca the Cyanogen.