Interesting pro vaccine discussion from a podcast

That is certainly not remotely liberal or left leaning. Ben would be the guy you’d expect to be skeptical as he is but Dr Matt Cook and his clinic are highly sought after. Treating a lot of pro athletes and people with $$$. He did a good job explaining why you would want to get it and covers the reasons why people say you shouldn’t. I’m getting my first shot tomorrow. I swear I wasn’t going to but I have events coming up and I’ve talked so much shit over the pandemic that covid would wreck me just to spite me

Anyway if you’re on the fence and looking for a push.

Starts at 39’ minute mark and goes 20 minutes

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39 minutes in


Ben Greenfield is skeptical? Lol, he try’s the dumbest shit with no evidence behind it, or maybe it’s all sellout advertising. He sounds smart but what’s he says he does is not educated. Maybe this guest is great idk but I don’t buy into much of what Ben says.

He just brings up the points that people who don’t want the shot bring up so Matt can answer it. Ben is not anti vaxx.