Interesting props on Pinny

Under yes/no to win WC2006

Yes +2176
No -2576

Max bet 4285.71

For France to Advance they need help

If SWI and SoKorea tie, all France has to do is beat Togo by 2

If there is a victor in the Swi v Korea game France is win and in.

Thats just to make it out of the first round. Then Spain awaits.

My question is why offer odds like these, you could max bet and be +166.

In 19 days you earn 3.8% on your money, with minimal risk

Answer: because they believe that France has better than a 3.8% chance of winning the WC. In the eyes of the book, if you try this kind of play 20 times, 19 times you might be able to get 3.8% on your money, but that 20th time, well that 20th time they expect to get ALL of your money.