Interesting Read On Whether Or Not The Vaccine Passports In Canada Are Or Have Been A Useful Tool for Fighting Covid

Far from miserable bud but I am not naïve…

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The government seems to have forgotten that they work for us, and not the other way around.

Until we start dragging these motherfuckers out on the street by their hair and stringing em up from a light pole, they will continue to walk all over us.


Actions over words bud. Are things not getting worse daily / weekly over the last 2 years? Are provincial and federal politicians getting more extreme by the day? Is anything being done to stop the worsening insanity??

They will continue to do so because they have MSM in their back pocket and a slight majority who have bought into this craziness actually agree with what the government is doing…

I haven’t read a single article about covid.

The cbc is a government entity and shouldn’t be able to censor the way they do. The cbc used to be a very important and useful tool for communities around Canada to receive news and entertainment. We are large with many remote communities and the cbc was needed for Canada to be Canada.

Canadians trust(ed) the cbc.

It’s usefulness for Canadians has run its course though. The internet and satellite technology has changed how we communicate and receive information.

It’s become a useful tool for Canadian governments though. Especially ones that lean more to the left. Conservative governments tend to cut the CBC’s funding. The liberal government pump money into it. Therefore it becomes a tool of propaganda.

Don’t get me wrong…there’s still good stuff on the ceeb, but it’s news and social views will always be slanted.

They still shouldn’t censor…chickens.

I’m not proof reading this.

/end rant.

Considering in Ontario we’ve had vaccine passports for months and bars, restaurants, gym, events etc are all closed I’d say no

And considering the data shows that covid is not transmitted at those places I guess even more now

And the place in Canada where they fine you for not having a vaccine passport the province has a 10pm curfew… I’ll triple down and say even most no

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AB also… went to a pub last night… 0 masks, not even waitresses…

Edited and the above brings a ton of emotion do to what the Nazi’s did but the unfortunate thing is that the current Liberal government has more or less taking over MSM completely (and subtly) with a large percent of the population buying into the message (since there is no counter media - unless your a racist and misogynist and end up doing some research on your own)…

We’ve had them since last summer. And now we’re right back to square one.

Ford said they go away in March. I would bet my nuts that this too will be reversed and that passports in Ontario go on indefinitely…


There’s nothing subtle about it, nor has there been for the last 20+ years.

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Lol exactly… so o would say everything they have done hasn’t worked

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Per the article, 85-95% of the country is already vaccinated. Anyone still pushing vaccines as the solution is not very observant.

Makes sense because only like 5-15% of Canada isn’t gay.

My step son isn’t vaccinated. He doesn’t do anything or go anywhere as everything is closed. And when it was open he didn’t have his passport

Lol if only he got vaccinated the pandemic would be over…

What a crock of shit.

Add to that. His mom and I both fully vaxxed got covid over New Years and have it to the poor kid

But ya… it’s his fault the pandemic is still going


Lol yeah it’s comical at this point

Nice job raising a misogynist racist who is filling the hospitals…

I am pretty fucking enraged now…


His mom “fills” the hospital…

Sorry Androb, it was there… I took it.

Where is this oasis in my Province? I’m guessing smaller town?