interesting Sting clip

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I kinda doubt it as well. He wanted to be an actor.....I think he was in that movie "Liar, Liar" w/ Jim Carey. That combined w/ his new found faith in God is what drove him away.

One of the reasons Sting will be underrated all time will be because of the fact he never worked for Vince and worked for the other side (if you want to call it that since WCW was dead at that point).

"Sting wasn't in Liar Liar"

Shut your piehole jabroni!


Great point jackangle!!

i think he is partly honest in that interview. He would have been buried, like all the rest.

Eddie, Benoit, and Booker T all had to work really hard to get to the top in WWE. Sting felt like he shouldn't have to do that.

Eddie and Benoit were already over before the fall of WCW