Interesting Story

My wife has a very interesting patient. He is 36 years old and in very serious condiiton.

Seems someone cut him off on the expressway. He then chased the person at high speeds and followed him off the e-way.

Both men got out of their cars, words exchanged and of course, a fight followed.

He was grabbed by the neck with two hands and slammed to the ground. From the squeezing and the slam he passed right out. A fireman who saw everything broke it up and called 911.

Due to the pressure, the slam, both, or whatever, the body shut down big time. As of two days later his kidneys STILL don't work, he has heart, lung, and brain dammage (various trauma to all three), and there is serious doubt he will ever get his kidneys back.

He also didn't have clean underwear when he got to the ER....

...ALL over some jerk cutting him off and him not being able to let it go.

Oh, what did the police say you ask? Who chased who? Who followed who? Who got out of the car first? Should I go on?

They aren't going to charge the other guy with anything.....

....seems a high price to pay over a lane change.

Great story!

It gets the message across that 'it's not worth it!'

I would like to forward it to a few people I know.


See the thread started by truart entitled "YOUR NEXT FIGHT?"


Thanks for the story. This is exactly the kind of material I look for to pass along to my friends, students and family.

Reality check.

Thanks again,




Talk about Road Rage! Thank's for sharring.

Eric L


...his kidneys are most likely never going to work again, and his way of life is going to have to change big time!

Again, all over a bad lane change and not being able to let it pass....

I spend a lot of time on the road. I see a lot of strange people do strange things. I know one family needs me and I'm not about to waste myself over someone else's piss-poor driving. I used to let that sort of thing really upset me, but now, I just kind of chuckle and go on.


Here is what I tell people in my seminars...

SMILE, move over and let it go!

As they pass you, say to yourself "Hurry on, Hell is only half full!"

Sooner or later they will be in the ditch, YOU choose not to go there with them.

But wouldnt martial arts have saved him?

And if he had known kickboxing he could have kept the guy no if he had known ju jitsu he couldve turned the choke into a triangle, no, no , wait, if he was a boxer he could've uppercutted between the opening of the two hand grab, shit, wait, OK, got it, if he knew pressure points he couldve knocked the guy out because both radial nerves are exposed...but if he knew aikido he couldve redirected his energy...damn, which art wouldve saved him, think Tony think!! Dammit, its angering me, shit, shit, damn, why can I get the right answer??!! THINK BLAUER!!! WU Shu, yes, he couldve done a toe-up on his car and leaped over the attack, theres an opening between the tire and the, no, darn it, that's only on SUV's, SHIT SHIT SHIT, why cant I get this right????WHY WHY, I'm stoopid, I suck...I hate martial arts, Im going to buy a gun!! But what if I cant carry it? What if I dont get it out in time? What if it misfires or jams!!! DAMN IT...CANT SEEM TO THINK STRAIGHT!!!! AARRRGGHH!!!

We interupt this raging post to remind you dear reader that if you first cannot control yourself, how is it you expect to control another?

Self-defense and mutual combat are different arenas requiring different mind-sets and different training evolutions.

DETECT - your limitation and poloish your buttons

DEFUSE - yourself first

DEFEND - your peace of mind first, pride last

Thanks for sharing Mr. Tripp.


Very tragic. I had a friend of mine who told me once that she and her husband got cut off by these kids that were being punks. Her husband was ready to chase them down and beat the hell out of them. I told her that is NEVER a good idea since you don't know what could result from it. This incident just proves the point.

Hopefully the doctors' are wrong in this man's case and his kidneys will eventually heal. Even if they do, as you said, his life will certainly have a whole new perspective.


Taken a bit out of context but the below seems to have relevance here,..

"However, a warning -- how-to is not the same as knowing why. If you know why you fight, then typically the answer of how-to becomes fairly obvious. On the other hand, if you do not know why, then you can be as technically proficient as, well, as anyone in the world, yet still be clueless about when or when not to use those skills. The bottom line? The key to self-defense is not owning a gun or knowing how to punch someone in the nose, but knowing in advance what you are willing to kill for, die for, and live with afterwards."

From Announcements (November 2000) EJMAS


Wow, easy to see why Tony is da man....

...much respect.

All I have to say is one word:-

W.I.N. (What's Important Now!!!!!)

The driver of the car should have thought, "Is it
more important for me to chase this guy, track him
down, get into a fight and be subject to
consequences which are unknown to me. Or is it
more important to forget this petty incident and get
home to my family in one piece?"