Interesting take on UFC's welterweight division

this is one of the more interesting feedbacks and articles i have read about the complicating situation that the UFC's welterweight division is currently in. With Mike Swick hurt, the division is confusing and there is no clear number one contender match now. who will face GSP when he comes back in January or February??

 No title defense.  Bump GSP to 185 and take on a Rosholt or Bisping. 

 No title defense.  Bump GSP to 185 and take on a Rosholt or Bisping. 

 Not incredibly interesting.

There's nobody really interesting left for GSP at 170.

He's beaten 5 contenders (Hughes, Trigg, Koscheck, Alves, Fitch), most in dominating fashion. Guys like Kampmann, Swick, Daley, Condit, and Larson simply aren't close to being on his level.

If Daley beats Kampann, then I have no idea who would get a title shot. The only person that would have somewhat earned it would be Fitch if he beats Almeida at UFC 106. Maybe they would give it to Hazelett if he pulled off another sub of the night against Karo? Even then, Hazelett isn't ready for GSP yet. Anthony Johnson would be on a nice run if he beats Yoshida, but they wouldn't want to rush that fight. Dan Hardy is still 2 wins away from a title shot, and that fight wouldn't be anywhere close to competetive at this point in Hardy's career.

The only answer for GSP if he wants tough fights right now is 185. I know there are mixed feelings about a fight against Anderson, but why not? Anderson only wants big fights, and that's a big fight. I think they match up well. GSP's biggest problems against Anderson would be setting up his takedowns like he usually does, and Anderson's length. GSP likes to set up his takedowns with strikes, and he likes to mix them together so you never know what he's going to do. Against Anderson, he would have to take him down to have a chance at winnning, Anderson knows that, so GSP will have to avoid knees every time he shoots in. I think this is a very interesting fight if GSP can successfully put on muscle, which would take time. That time could be used to get 170 sorted out, to find a true contender.

With all that said, if Kampmann wins, I suspect he'll take on GSP in early 2010. With that, they retain Mike Swick as a viable contender and a reason for GSP to stay at 170 since Dana isn't too keen on the idea of him moving up.

 They need to sign Marius Zaromskis

In my book, Jon "undercard" Fitch is still No1 contender in the division. But if we are to discuss who will beat GSP, I think Hardy has more chance stylistically though he also may get submitted in R1.

i would like to know y gsp needs to put on weight. hes a big 170 and obviously comfortable at that size. he'll still put on some xtra weight but y risk slowing himself down by trying to add too much? stay relatively the same and keep your explosiveness, youre gonna need it. hes got great technique anyway. and he'll feel great without cutting the weight. i believe bj would be a better 170 if he didnt let himself get fat n just stayed smaller like he did the first time he fought hughes