International Jabs

From JKD forum:

"Before I start, Erik prefaced his the jab section by saying that, in the ring, the primary function of the jab is to make your opponent blink, so that you can set-up all the other power stuff.

The russian jab is thrown as a regular jab aimed at his throat, fist horizontal, and the knuckles are flicked up towards the chin. The angle comes from below, and the flicking motion of the wrist is enough to jar the opponent to make him vulnerable to a cross. He had us throw it when the opponent threw his jab simultaneously.

The cuban is something that camacho has used in his career. With your fist in a thumb up position, you're basically hitting him in an upward angle, using your delt as the prime mover of the strike. He says it's a good strike to use for an opponent who likes to press forward, particularly with the double jab. glove catch the first jab, then hit him with the cuban jab as the 2nd one is coming in.

The 3rd one (the name I forget) is like a ken norton jab. Slip right, bend your legs low so you get a good angle on his chin, turn your left fist down so that it's upside down, and extend your fist to his chin. The prime mover on this one is your tricep. He says this is a good set up right before you take the double leg.

I hope the descriptions help, because it's really hard to envision just by using words.


Ahh i didnt write it, i just reposted it.
I would say left though?

Could u give me more detail on the comancho pulling down jab?

for the record, 4 Ranges posted about the seminar he attended with Erik Paulson and LEMon copied and pasted.

Strangely enough, my trainer(despite being russian)
teaches to jab with a vertical fist. :)

actually I noticed Camacho Jr using that against Jesse James Leija. if you have a tape of that you'll see him use it. It wasn't that bad actually. I never thought of training in multiple jabs though, thats a good idea.

Also I remember an interview with the Late Eddie Futch talking about how Nortons jab was always shot right after Ali Jabbed, and because of Ali's low right hand, it hit him on the jaw and broke it in the first round of their fight.

thats the quote, whats it from? I think I read it in a british magazine, but am not sure.