Internet/cable/mesh questions

Say you have an outbuilding 400ft away from your main router with a few trees screening between them. Currently getting spotty wifi using a cheap repeater system. There’s a Tplink repeater plugged midway in a shed but horrible location and it sucks.

Can you split the signal and run coax with another modem? I don’t think this works with the isp account but don’t know.

Can you run CAT-5 cable that far? In a conduit?

Would upgrading to mesh work? I think the distance is still an issue and no spot between to add another repeater. Looking at orbi but people are saying 50-75 ft with obstructions and there’s significant loss.


You can run CAT that far. It is more a matter of how much bandwidth it will carry and if you are sending power along the cable. You can get burial CAT and skip the conduit if around cable is not sharp rocks and stuff.

I buried a crap load for a gate security stuff at the farm.

Throw a small tower up at the shed.



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In for info.

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Can you achieve LOS?

My thought was to just run a long ass cable from the back of the router. I guess I need to look at how you go about adding power.

Line of sight? Yes, t the main router is in a second story window but with light screening of trees

It is what you plug into at the end of the CAT that needs power.
For instance a wifi router.

Just wire the CAT as a data cable between the two boxes?

Oh, yes there’s power at the other end. I thought it was like adding power to the line for the distance but had no idea.

Midway point. First shed has no power (in pic), second one does. No other trees after this point but these two block direct sight.

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Trees with leaves or like XMas trees?

Cool so find a clear LOS, regardless of season with trees.
Put up two directional focus wifi boosters.

Or you could run the CAT cable and configure so it is able to run a wifi router again at the required area.

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The maximum connection length for Cat 5 cables without loss of transfer speed is 100 meters, or 328 feet . Cables at or under this length generally don’t experience performance loss.

This is my main concern. Between those two options then, without removing the tree, which will be better.

Armored fiber optic, no repeater, no conduit.


Transfer loss is kind a whatever. It depends on moisture and other factors like how close it is to electrical lines.

I’d go CAT 6 or 7 and bury it, but wire up all the buildings with plugs or cables of their own as I went. That is if concerned about loss of signal. They sell the spools in 500 foot lengths I think …

Would always prefer hard lined over wifi imo. Everything for security and ms matters.

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Yes most certainly go armored and meant for burial.
Are you in a cold ass place?

Between router and another hub?

coax is more than double that distance. Check your actual modem to see if it supports MOCA, if so you are good to go with coax.

Also if the power is on the same circuit, internet over powerline has come a long way and is quite effective


Oh that’s awesome, gonna look into this. I was thinking just coax splitter, had no idea.

No idea about the power. There’s a panel, but it has a main breaker on it. I would assume it’s a sub panel off the main building (one meter) but I’m no electrician.

Or do a mesh run from the modem to as far as it will go/best signal, then 300 ft cat5/6 to the final location, or other way round, cat 6 to 300 ft out into mesh router, and mesh wifi point at the final location.