internet help please.

I can't get onto password protected websites (my online classes and work email). We had two computers networked together and are only using one now and when they are connected to the cable moden individually one will connect to the site correctly and the other computer won't.

We are wanting to be using the compuer that is not connecting right. I'm sure it is just a setting but can't figure out what.

help please.


is there a firewall or popup blocker on the PC that wont connect or it could be a java problem


there is not a firewall or popup blocker. We tried installing a java program that the school suggested but it has done nothing.


If you are using XP check your built in firewall settings. Sometimes they go to the default and that's WAY high!

On the bad computer, can you get to regular sites and just not password sites, or does it not work for all sites?

"I can't get onto password protected websites "

first clue, passwords

Whenever you log into a page that requires a password, chances are, its going to use SSL.

(the little lock in the bottom)

The problem is, on XP, I've found that its either a simple click on ssl 1.1 x 2.0, and I've also found that this requires a COMPLETE reinstall, yea that sucks.

First thing to try, and the easiest

When did it last work? If not too far off, go to start,accessories,system tools, system restore, and try to set your computer "back" before the problem started occuring.

And if it works, walla. You might be able to go back and view each system checkpoint and figure out what caused it (new program install, etc.,)

If that doesn't work, I'll get into it for you.

"On the bad computer, can you get to regular sites and just not password sites, or does it not work for all sites? "

Just password protected sites.


I'll check when it last worked tomorrow.



Problem not resolved yet. On the bad computer we were using a pirated OS version and thought maybe buying the legal version would help but it didn't. Also, my wife tried switching the ethernet cards to see if that was the problem and that didn't work.


are cookies disabled?

cookies are not disabled.

My wife was wondering if it could be something wrong with the motherboard.

She downloaded netscape and it let us onto my online class once and then she turned off the computer and we tried it later and it wouldn't work again.

Earlier she reinstalled windows 98 and tried accessing the online classses, then tried reinstalling windows xp and then still could't access the classes , and then tried reinstalling internet explorer and that did not work. And the next thing to try is to drop it from about six feet to see if that fixes it.


Very very unlikely it's anything in hardware. To your hardware there's no difference between a password and non password site. When you reinstalled windows, did you do a clean install, where all the programs you had installed are no longer in the start button?

Try downloading a different browser like mozilla from and see if that works.

my wife said she reformatted the hard drive.