Intersting Book: A Fighter's Heart

I found this at the bookstore last night, and although I haven't finished it yet, it's got some great stuff inside.

This (Sam Sheridan) guy travels the world and trains in different fighting styles.

He starts in Thailand, where he trains at Fairtex and has an MT fight against an apparaent member of the Yakuza.

Then he goes to Brazil where he stays with BTT for quite a while.

The part I enjoyed the most was his description of going to Japan with BTT for Shockwave 2004, including some neat revelations.

At the start ceremonies of the PRIDE event, when all the fighters come down the ramp, "Big" Nog was still stuck a few hours away due to bad weather.

So PRIDE was obviously a little panicky, until a lightbulb went off over someone's head.

"Wait, he has a twin brother doesn't he?" lol...

So that was actually "Little" Nog impersonating his bro, which is whay he has a hoodie up close around his face.

Sheridan then talks about the fight, how he could hear Fedor's blows breaking Nog's bones.

Anyway, enough FRAT...

Book Cover

There are many other tidbits also, like the description of the fighter at PRIDE "Who will remain unnamed" whose skin is so weathered by steroids that it's like leather.


the book was okay,,not deep enough, he never gave himself any credit. i want my 25 bucks back. well, at least he tried. it was okay.

The book is an amazing peice.

Sam did an unreal job


I just finished it last night. I thought it was pretty darn good and admirable. While it was definitely front loaded with action in the beginning, the purpose wasn't to fill all the dream boys on gossip of their favorite Pride fighters or to tell you what Nog likes to eat and drink after a training session.

The purpose was to try and explain what makes a fighter want to actually 'fight'. I found the chapter "Gameness" quite interesting with the lateral comparing of fighters and pit bulls.

Good job Sam


Feb 25th :-)

Does anyone know who "leather-skin" is?

book sucked plain and simple

"book sucked plain and simple "

Solid troll job.