Interview and Workouts from John Hackleman/The Pit

Hello from! Our current featured coach is John Hackleman (Chuck Liddell and Court McGee's coach for any newbs out there) and part one of my two part interview went up today -- part two is next Monday!

Read the interview:

Start doing the workouts (4 new ones each week, starting today): 

God that article was such a tease... lol oh well, next monday it is, Meanwhile I'll make sure to catdaddy when I dougie.

lol - were you only reading for the Dougie portion??

Well most naturally I endeavor to keep my dougie "flier than a muh'f*ka" lol. But actually the advise to aspiring MMA fighters and the crossfit portion will make for a nice break-time read next monday. I always wanted to know the specific details of coach hackleman's background, interesting read he seems like a fun guy!

Yeah, he's a character and a half - I've been friends with him for about 7+ years now. He's a good guy, an awesome coach who truly cares about people, and a hilarious human being.

 Hey Becca,

I shot you over some stuff today. Hit me back when you have a chance.


Will do! Digging my way through the long weekend's emails - will write you back soon!