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Well the news is that UFC will definitely be on air down under. The thing is they don't know if they'll be able to finalise before UFC 33. Most likely they'll start with UFC 34. They will send the previous shows on tape to be shown.

I'll do my best. I also hear that there is a Miss Hawaiin competition being held in the same Hotel as the UFC... So if anyone has a good camera they want to loan me, let me know... :p


Congrats Elvis

"don't blow your wad to soon " Tank as a UFC commentator

Great news about the UFC on cable.

Good luck with the interviews.


Thanx guys.

Congrats Elvis,

You deserve it.

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Whats the news???

he is gonna kick my ass lol JK good luck my bud.

Keep an eye out on for the latest ground breaking news on Elvis...


[double post]

Sheesh, read the news page... :p

08-28-01 7:00 pm PST
Elvis Sinosic Third Commentator at UFC 33Light Heavyweight fighter Elvis Sinosic, the "King of Rock 'n' Rumble," has informed us that he will provide commentary for the UFC 33 Pay Per View. Sinosic will be paired with Jeff Blatnick and Mike Golderg. Sinosic is known for being intelligent and well-spoken, and will provide expert fighter commentary for this UFC.

Now that you are part of the "inner circle" throw some weight around and have it put on cable here in Australia.

Sinosic is known for being intelligent and well-spoken

They've obviously never met you! j/k buddy. Get some shots of the ring girls for me!! You can give them to me for my bday which you're now obviously going to miss :(


Well done Elvis. What a great complement for you...
Have a ball..


Yes make sure you get lots of pics of the riing girls, and don't hold back with posting them on the net either.


Check this email I recently received... keep your fingers crossed gusy...


I talked to our man in charge of the international ppv's, and he said to sit
tight. It will be done soon. That's all I know."