Interview with Cameron Diffley 

Cameron and I discuss everything from training, competing, and coaching to his thoughts on sport jiu-jitsu vs. fight jiu-jitsu, his experience as one of Forrest Griffin's coaches on TUF 7, and ways we should try to professionalize the sports of jiu-jitsu and submission grappling.

He also shares his thoughts on the upcoming welterweight bout at UFC 101 between his student Amir Sadollah and Johny Hendricks, who Cameron just had a superfight grappling match against earlier this month. He's a very bright guy with a lot of talent, so check out what he had to say!


Amir is an animal

Cameron gave a nice explanation on the different aspects of wrestling in MMA, when discussing the differences he sees in Johny Hendricks compared to the two fights Amir had with C.B. Dollaway. I expect Amir and Johny to have a war a lot like Condit vs. Kampmann!

TTT for Cameron. It will be his first time competing as a black belt in the Mundials, but he should do very well next week!