Interview with ROF LW Champ!!!

Read the interview with the Ring of Fire Lightweight Champ Luke "Lil' Hulk" Caudillo at

TTT for my boy LUKE!!!!!!!!!! And TTT for Kelly finally getting on the UG and posting! :-)

Halverson...I used to post back in the day, but I needed an excuse to come out of retirement.

Later Hurricane...

I think overall that ROF 155 division's ELITE, could compete on any promotion and succeed.

The 155 group are all studs, and match making wise any combination turns out a great fight.

Caudillo vs. Martinez 2 could be better than the first fight. A fight the fans really want to see.

Carvahlo vs. Condit would be a barn burner..

Caudillo vs. Acuna, Martinez vs. Acuna, Condit vs. Acuna... they all work!

If Garcia decides to come back in the mix, and Payne can figure out to stay injury free (LOL) then it takes it to a whole other level. I would be in the UFC's position: too much talent not enough shows!

Halverson.. how are you man?

Kelly.. I train w/ bang today and will call after...

Sven, doing well- thanks! I am hoping to get on your card after the first of the year. Let me know!



just say the word buddy. No problem!

I have Feb, April, and June already scheduled so there will plenty of spots for you!

I am really going to put a lot of energy in the 170 division in 2005.


I thought Manny was the ROF LW champ! Damn, I am out of touch. LOL!

now that is funny shit.