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Recapping With Scott Jorgensen - It's What I Love

by Andrew Gladstone - 10-27-2009

Scott Jorgensen (7-3) is one of the hottest rising bantamweights in the WEC. In his last performance he demolished "Ultimate Fighter" veteran Noah Thomas at WEC 43. MMA Recap's Andrew Gladstone sat down with the young fighter to give mma fans more insight on this rising star.

How did you first get into mixed martial arts?
"Well I’ve wrestled since I was eight years old and I would always watch the sport with my friend Urijah Faber. As I was wrestling through college, he was assistant coach over at U.C. Davis, he was always talking about what he was doing fighting and telling me there’s money to be made and a way to keep competing. I got out of Boise State and just immediately started training, like 2 months after training I got my first fight. It’s all down hill from there man, and now I’m fighting for the best company in the world."

Do you still train with Urijah Faber?
"On occasion I do, I’m kind of a nomad man, I bounce around. I train with Urijah, I train down at Extreme Couture, Cobra Kai, Tap Out in Vegas, Joe Warren, Team Quest. I just kind of bounce around you know and get good training, and learn something new."

You’re coming off an impressive victory over “Ultimate Fighter” veteran Noah Thomas in the last WEC event, your thoughts on the fight?
"The fight went exactly as I planned, I planned on breaking him early and breaking him hard. I always train whether it goes to the ground or standing to push the pace and stay on top of people. That was the plan and that’s what we did and it paid off, a quick victory, which is what I figured would happen. It showed a lot of people its not just wrestling you got to worry about, it's my all around game."

You also lost a controversial decision earlier this year to Antonio Banuelos, any thoughts on that fight or a possible rematch with Banuelos?
"Its an on going debate, I want to fight Antonio Banuelos so bad. I feel like I won that fight, I feel like I kinda got slided. It was a good fight, right now they’ve been talking fight of the year in the WEC, which is a great thing to have, but I want my revenge. I want my revenge against him, and I want my revenge against Damacio Page. I feel like I kinda got short on the Damacio Page fight as well. I asked for both those rematches, you know I’ll just keep fighting til I get them or get that title, and then fight them down the road."

I know this might be a sensitive issue, but is it okay to ask about your skin condition or is that off limits?
"Haha, nah man I don’t care, people think I’m sensitive I don’t care. I’ve been called everything from a leopard to limited edition skin, so it don’t matter to me."

So what is the story on that?
"It's vitiligo, spelled v-i-t-i-l-i-g-o. It’s a pigmentation disorder that basically my immune system fights of pigment cells and it loses its color. It makes my tattoos brighter."

When is your next schedule fight? And any ideas on an opponent?
"I don’t know, I’m hoping December, but we’ll wait and find out. It could be December, or January. I told them (WEC) as soon as that fight was over with Noah was over, I’ll be ready for November if they need me. I’m always training, always getting better, and looking for a fight."

Carl Weathers - He got robbed vs Banuelos

Yeah, he says he is down for the rematch. I hope WEC gives it to him.

he didn't get robbed in that fight.

he came back strong but too late.

good decision.

great fighter.