Interview with Scranton MMA's McGuire and Reese


In a world which consists of people seeking to promote their own self-interests it takes a rare and altruistic individual to be able to focus time and energy toward the needs of others.

Being an instructor of a martial arts academy is no exception. This enduring role gives one the opportunity to use their abilities and skill to help others through their martial arts journey which will result in the development and positive reinforcement of one’s life.

Generous, selfless, and dedicated are the best characteristics to describe Scranton MMA instructorsTom McGuire and Jeff Reese. Since the academy’s forging in 2010, the dynamic duo’s main objective has always been centered on the progressive flowering of the academy and the students.

Devoting countless hours on the mat teaching while balancing regular jobs outside the academy their knightly acts are showcased through their obligatory commitment as leaders toward helping and connecting will all that walk through their academy doors.

Head of the judo program at Scranton MMA is Shodan Judo black belt Tom McGuireStarting his Judo venture over 15 years ago while studying at the University of Scranton, he would build a great reputation in the judo community becoming an accomplished and well respected competitor on the national level.

Bringing years of knowledge and experience into his current occupation as an instructor has enabled McGuire to promptly respond to a student’s feelings and situation which helps gives him a better perception of what techniques best fits the individual’s needs. His hard attentiveness toward his students stems from his desire to give one the opportunities he never had while building confidence and self-esteem in each individual he comes in contact.

“It’s always a balancing act focusing on new students and dedicating time to our advanced students. So far I think we are doing a good job and all of our students seem really happy and all are making great progress,” McGuire told US Combat Sports reporter Monta Wiley.

“That is why I am involved with Scranton MMA. To give our students the opportunity that I never had. I had to travel all over the country to find new training partners, to learn new techniques to find new ways to improve and I was all alone while doing it. Now they can do it all under one roof and be a part of a great team.”