Interviewing tips

So I have an interview with ibew coming up in a couple weeks, does anyone have anybody have any experience with the union interviewing process? Any advice is welcomed thanks Phone Post 3.0

I used to interview a lot when I was in retail....
1) relax.... Nothing worse then an over nervous interviewee.
2) if you're gonna bullshit then make sure you can back up your bullshit if you are questioned on it.
3) be polite, punctual and well presented.
4) if asked to give "specific" examples then give "specific" examples and NOT generic examples.....
5) do your research on whatever company/role you are being interviewed for... If you are asked you can show knowledge, if you aren't asked you can find a way to drop a few points into show you have come prepared.
6) be keen but not needy....

Good luck brother.... Phone Post 3.0

You probably already know this, but shirt and tie are a must. Nothing pisses me off more than someone who shows up to interview with me wearing jeans and a t shirt, no matter what the job is Phone Post 3.0

It's for the electricians union apprenticeship program Phone Post 3.0