Interviewing Tito Ortiz July 5th

I work for a radio show and I got an interview with Tito. Are there any questions you guys want answered?

July 5th, 9pm EST. The station streams online, the show is the Hideout.

I plan on asking him if sparring dana in boxing is true. Anything else that you want cleared up?


In the past Tito said it doesn't matter if his fight w/ Ken is at 205, 210, or 215, he'd still kick Ken's ass.

Having said that, ask him why they are fighting at 205 again if he was so confident.



Ask Tito Ortiz what does he think of Babalu. And does he think he can beat him if they ever have to fight each other.

Ask Tito if it's true he and Dana are going to box.

Ask where he sees himself in 10 years, coaching/fighting etc.

Would he want to see his son become a fighter or do something else with his life.

ask him if he plans to come to florida any time soon, and if so how much would he charge for a private lesson, thanks

chad saunders

Tito won't fight Babalu.

Chad, are you in Orlando? Where do you train?


LOL @ people that still think Ken is a heavyweight!



It will be podcast and streamed live, so if you want to call in and ask tito a question, or


TTT 1 hour

Post the mp3 when your done please.

MP3 Please!

Is it done yet?

Is it done yet?