Intocombat - bands and cable dvd

Band and Pulley Training Volume 1

I would like to share with
everyone some great products brought to you by

First a little bit about me. I have been training
MMA and Jiu Jitsu for almost 17 years.I have been teaching Martial Arts
strength and conditioning for 15 years.I have never had another job,
all I do is
teach, train, and study.

Now I own a school called MarinMMA and
teach MMA and Jiu Jitsu to beginners and professionals alike.

I came across JC Santana at a functional training
seminar geared toward combat athletes a few years back.
What JC taught literally forever changed the way I
condition myself and my athletes.

I felt like I had found the "missing Link" in my
training, and discovered the secret to functional and sport specific
that had eluded me for so many years.

I believe so much in what he does that I am writing
a review so that others can benefit as I have.

The first DVD that I have reviewed is Band and Pulley Training Volume 1
and can be
found at

This video is great for anyone who needs in
introduction and overview of functional training specifically with the
bands and

The video covers literally hundreds of exercises
broken down into easy to follow sections, like Locomotion, pulling,
legs and hips, core conditioning, etc...

It also teaches the proper progression so that
athletes don't risk injury by jumping straight into advanced

To make sure you understand the progressions, there
is a short quiz at the end of the sections which serves as a quick

The video is filmed at a Gold's gym which gives it
a "real life" feeling since most of us workout at sports clubs.

JC does a voice over as he or his trained staff
take you through the exercises.

The explanation is detailed and clear and the
production quality is top notch.

The topics are clearly organized and quickly give
you more information that most people can handle.

I had to take notes and I recommend you do

What separates this video from many that I have
seen is the amount of exercises that JC covers.

Most jiu jitsu videos show around 15

This video has hundreds of exercises with endless
training program possibilities. I went to the gym to try out some of
exercises because I was real pumped up after watching the video. I had
a great
workout and felt that I had deepened my understanding of functional

With a long history of overtraining and injuries, I
finally feel like I am on the right track.

My only hesitation for putting this out there is
that now everyone will have access to the training methods that I feel
gives my
school an edge!

But a true teacher shares the knowledge

Please let me know if you have anymore specific
questions on the videos or anything.

I am also not trying to sell you any products nor
do I work for intocombat.

I am just trying to share something that has
greatly improved my training with the Martial Arts community.

Next I will review Bands and Pulleys



TTT. I had my workplace purchase all the DVD's and Books. All my clients love the new stuff im showing them.