Intresting Discussion w.Cab Driver

I was in Las Vegas last week and had a wonderful opportunity to train at the Xyience Training Center, as you know from this thread. The cab guy picked me up from the gym and was driving me back to my hotel. At which case he starts asking me about BJJ/Muay Thai/etc.. I explain to him in non technical terms, but never boast about "I TRAIN UFC, TAP or SNAP!!!" tell him about the sport and how far it's come along.

He says, yea I know about it, it's the any-thing goes! Then I have to explain to him that there are rules and it's sanctioned by athletic commisions.

He (Cab Driver)says "No poking in the eye" ?

Me: "No"

CD: "Punching his balls"?

Me: "No"

CD: "Saying, Your sister is a whore"?

Me: "No, that's unsportsman like conduct"

CD: "That's right, they say that in the NFL, a man's sport"

CD: "How tall are you"?

Me: "5'6"

CD: "Do you train because you were picked on because of your height in school"?

Me: "No, I was an athlete in school, not really picked on, and not for my height"


CD: "No, one said tell me a short story"

Me: Thinking now, Is this guy for real?, "No, no one"

Then he started talking about how great he is in sports and how he is so talented that he can beat 8 out of 10 people on pure athletic ability.

The guy was the biggest jackoff, I have met in my life. Seriously, these types of people buy tickets and then show no respect to anyone.

I just had to shake my head, and say what ever.

He called your sister a whore?


man that is out of line..your sister is not a whore...she is just very friendly


you should have put the smack down on him


lol, yea I know not the best story writer, but you get my point.

you should have put him in a rear naked choke then ran off without paying the douche bag

lol, bryanand. You are probably right, lol.

Wow a weird taxi driver

Can't stand cab drivers who think I'm paying them for conversation....