Introducing the Hateriots

for those who keep trying to put the pats down, i have created a new team...they shall be called the Hateriots

now go ahead and talk about how manny yards manning passes for, how amazing the dolphins defense was, and how bad the pats are....

bring it hateriots

Warren Sapp should join as an expert analyst.

They can start with that OL from Tenessee. What a douche.

I guess Espn, Fox Sports...etc are "Hateriots"..They dont seem to believe this team deserves history props..But you guys are pats fans, so u must be right....

And far as the Titans go, well i would be dissappointed if one dominated a team for three quarters and lost .

no, not all those guys are hateriots

sapp most def, zach piller too...marino can be in their front office

whether or not some think they dont deserve it, the numbers dont lie and history wil show what an accomplishment that this season was

" I guess Espn, Fox Sports...etc are "Hateriots"..They dont seem to believe this team deserves history props.."

The bitterness never ends!! Unlike the founding members of the Hateriots - Warren Sapp, Zach Piller, and shadetree - all the ESPN and FOx sports guys say the Patriots were the best team in the NFL.

what was up with that 4th down play in the Bowl????????? oh man that's an embarasingly obvious troll. I like the Pats and actually like there chances of repeating with 4 or 5 picks in the first 2 rounds of the draft this year.

Vicmackey do some research yourself..Your troll expertise is not needed.

ASDF, i said that Espn.. etc.. said they would not go down as one of the best teams in history..Get your facts straight.

lol, I"m not talking about best teams in history. I am talking definitely the best team this year - which everybody except Zac Piller, Warren Sapp and shadetree "The Titans dominated the Patriots" recognizes.

and i will say this...that the nfl analysts will look at this team, historically, as one of the greats of all time

im not going to recount their accomplishments, but compare their season to any other teams season in history and this one ranks as one of the greatest

Before this year started I picked the Pats defense on fantasy football, I saw the roster and thought it was fantastic. However after the first game they lost like 31-0 to to bills I traded defenses. In the end, they were an amazing defense and an amazing team, they have franchise players on both sides of the ball, QB and CB, Brady and Law, it's a good formula. They just execute, talent wise I know a lot of teams are better, but the Pats just put it together and NE has always been my 2nd favorite team cuz my bro used to live in Boston. The worst thing is is that next year they have 2 first round picks and could only get better.

" i cant put this team in the top 10, some could make a decent argument for that though"

Tough to say. It depends how you look at it. If you look at head-to-head, maybe not. If you look at accomplishments, then this team belongs in the top10. If you consider the changes in the game (namely free agency), the accomplishments of this team look a lot better.

They would be no match for the great team's in the Nfl history.Most notably the 49er's, Cowboy's and Steelers...Actually the Bucs from last year were a better team...Remember this, the Pats won 9 games this by 8 points or less...That's hardly dominate.

haha, you just cant get over the fact that the patriots did as well as they did...

when you consider the winning percentage of the pats opponents this year, you had better believe that they are going to win close games...and what it all boils down to is victories, patriots won 15 in a row doesnt matter how, by how much or whether you liked it or not

let me guess...both pats teams were lucky to win the superbowls, but the bucs, ravens and rams were dominant teams

the rams were lucky....but both the bucs and ravens won with ease.

You can very easily make an argument that the Pats just had the most impressive single season in the history of the NFL. Hard to imagine people still putting them down.

They had the 2nd longest win streak in the history of the game. They did it against opponents with a combined winning % way over 500. The Dolphins 17 straight was against opponents with a winning % around 43%.

How can anyone not talk about this team among the greatest ever?

because they are modern

because they dont have the big names that the legendary teams had...or at least the names arent known yet...

because the haters want to put down a classic team

because they didnt blow their opponents out, which is sexier to do...

because they didnt have a 1000 yrd rusher, nor did they have a guy who passed for 10000 yards

Because the Team's they played this year are Avg at best, if you compare them to the teams in the past like the great 49er's, cowboys's, and Steeler's teams...

miami x2, tn x2, indy x2, carolina are all average teams

you're right

where do you get your crack from?

They are Avg teams compared to the teams i mentioned from the Past.You can thank the Salary cap for that, not crack.