Introducing the Hateriots

lol!! Shadetree needs a 12 step program. Step 1, repeat after me "The Patriots were the best team in football this year". He's too busy talking about the Titans dominating and bad officiating to even get past that.

ASDF, Quit dodging the Question at hand...We all know your good at that.

lol!!! Your hater disease IS the question at hand! Step 2, "Winning 15 games is impressive"

The Question was, are they one of the best teams in the History of the Nfl..The simple answer is NO....In order to be a great team, you must be dominate..They won 9 games by 8 points or less..I could go back one year and say Tampa bay had a better team in 2002-2003, than the pats..Dont get me wrong they were a good team, but not great.

15 in a row is dominant...margin of victory was skewed by the winning % of the teams that they played

funny how you keep ignoring that fact...go look at the 72 dolphins team, the teams that they played that year that had a winning record, and tell me what the score difference was in the game

I will use one example to show what dominant really is ..

The 1989 49er's...Didnt play the starters during the last two games of the season.

14-2 record

Divisional playoffs: SAN FRANCISCO 41, Minnesota 13

NFC Championship: SAN FRANCISCO 30, L.A. Rams 3

Super Bowl XXIV: San Francisco (NFC) 55, Denver (AFC) 10, at Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana

I rest my case, not that the Pats had one.

so the 49ers had a great one says that htey werent a great team...

did that 45 point difference in the superbowl make the championship count for anymore than the one that the patriots won? if so you need to enlighten me.

if the point differential means so much to you than i suppose you wont get it. or maybe you're just a bitter 9ers fan who cant stand the fact that a team which you hate won the superbowl

In terms of accomplishment, they are top10. Name me one other team that won 15 in a row.

As RWH said, nobody said the 49er team wasn't one of the best of all time. But even they didn't win 15 in a row.

Step 3 of Shadetree's 12 step program

"6-0 playoffs, 2-0 superbowl, 2 Superbowl MVP's, 7-0 OT, and best winning percentage of any QB EVER is impressive. Tom Brady is a hell of a QB"

Brady has one Ring in my book...Lets not forget That championship game where he fumbled against the raiders and should have lost the game..

I would put the pats around # 18 in terms of best team ever.

Mainly because the NFL is so watered down and great teams are a thing of the past.

how do those sour grapes taste????

Your lucky I rated them 18 th....That was very generous of me.

haha, at least you'll be in good company next training camp with irvin, marino, sapp and piller

ahh, did I upset you Vic..

The truth hurts, doesnt it.

Brady one ring earned and one given

Montana 4 on his own

"Montana 4 on his own "

you mean that he could have done all that on his own? that he didnt need rice, taylor etc????

Yes, just like he did at Notre Dame

no ones putting down montana...get over it

you cant handle the fact that brady and the pats beat you down this year and that walsh and montana both love his play