Introduction to fav. artists

What comic(s) was your introduction to one of your fav artists?

Jim Lee - Uncanny X-men - 271-272 - I thought he was related to Stan Lee! I got into comics when these issues came out and thought all comic book art was as good or better. Much to my disappointment it wasn't, but that only made Lee's work that much better.

Todd McFarlane - Spiderman #7 - I still think this is Todd's best work as an artist.

Brian Hitch - JLA Heaven's Ladder - I saw this at a book store when it first came out. I had been out of comics for about 5 years. This is what got me back into comics. The art is amazing.

Rob Liefeld - New Mutant's #93 - I like his early Marvel stuff.

I always thought Mark Bright pencilled Iron Man the best. He was there for the original Iron Wars story with the Red and Silver suit days.

george perez - around avengers vol 1 #150 - don't remember the exact issue, but liked his art from avengers. then followed new teen titans cos of him. amazing artist who can draw many many ppl and make them all look diff.

frank miller - although i read his DD run, saw his batman work, and his wolverine mini, i thought he was genius in pulling off all elements of sin city.

mike grell - read legion of superheroes but did not think much of the art at the time, however, when he created jon sable, i took notice, this guy can draw everything even wildlife!

What got me back into comics was Steve Dillon's artwork on The Punisher, Welcome Back Frank Arc. I thought it was great. I hadn't read comics for a while, visited a comic book store, leafed through the TPB and decided to get it. It was all downhill after that. Now i'm at 50+ comics a month.

Chris Bachalo - X-men Rarities TPB - Generation X prequel story.

Just reminds of the of the perfect lazy day. His art is a mess now, imo.

john cassady - planetary - although i saw his artwork in the union jack mini, it didn't click with me yet, but when i read planetary, i was blown away by warren ellis writing AND jc's art.

I liked Art Adams back in the day on X-Men annuals and scattered issues in the 80's...Todd McFarlane on Amazing (his Santa was bad-ass!), then his own Spidey mag...the Buscemas, on Hulk, Conan, etc., the Romitas on Daredevil, Spidey, I'll have to go dig up some more.

Michael Turner's artwork on Fathom also.

yeah, i first saw turner from soulfire, then checked out fathom. saw his supes/bats issues and i like his style. too bad he's got cancer. hope he pulls through.

i first noticed mignola from hellboy, but going back through some of my marvel comics, i see he drew an early issue of x-force, did some covers in the uncanny x-men reprint series, and some others.

alex ross - know him from the amazing painted covers he did and simply amazing.

Turner has cancer? When does this happen? I think his art sucks, but he doesn't deserve to have cancer! Maybe Liefeld!!!

In March of 2000 Michael Turner was diagnosed with cancer, specifically chondrosarcoma in the right pelvis. He was treated at UCLA Medical Center with surgery in which he lost his entire hip, 40% of his pelvis, and three pounds of bone. The surgery was followed by nine months of radiation therapy.This was in 2000

This was in April..2005

Michael Turner (Superman/Batman) had to cancel his appearance at the Pittsburgh con. According to the Comicon's official website: "Michael has had a recurrence of his cancer and is currently being treated for it. This is but a set back for Michael and he is sure to be back with us soon. Please keep Michael in your hopes and prayers for a speedy recovery."

new wizard with ff movie (thing) on cover mentions he had a relapse. dayum, i didn;t realize he lost that much: "he lost his entire hip, 40% of his pelvis, and three pounds of bone. "

Turner is the man! He is able to draw beautiful comic book women.

TTT for Turner

Miller in DD

Jay Geldhoff in Grendel

Brian Davis in X men

Bill Cienkowicz in New Mutants but really shined in Elektra.

Geoff Darrow in Hard Boiled

Probably Art Adams back when he was doing the covers of Classic X-Men. I remeber noticing the HUGE difference between the Adams covers and the art inside, which as a kid I hated.

Today I know those stories were written/drawn a long time ago and I've grown to love Cockram's stuff since then. I used to hate Buscema and Kirby too. Now I love their stuff and appreciate much more......However I still will always have a soft spot for Adam's work. IMO he's the best at a great many things. Too bad he's an anal perfectionist and puts out a very small volume of work, never a monthly book.

Around that time I also took notice of John Byrne, Paul Smith, Rick Leonardi, Silvestri, and Mike Golden. I was never crazy about Mcfarlane, but some of his stuff was sweet.

Art Adams -- Longshot. Crazy detail that the coloring of the time just couldn't do justice to.

Moebius -- the graphic novels (Upon a Star, etc).

Paul Smith -- X-Men, I think the finale of the first Brood arc.

Bill Sienkiewicz -- New Mutants, demon bear story. Pretty much the pinnacle of newsprint/four-color comic art as far as I'm concerned.

Barry Windsor Smith -- Hmm, not sure. Epic Illustrated, maybe?

Gil Kane -- first issue of Conan I bought, the one with Pau-Styss or whatever that wizard's name was. I HATED Gil's art back then. Now I think it's awesome.

Michael Kaluta -- cover of Epic Illustrated; a Conan-esque pic that is still one of my all-time favorite fantasy pics

Thomas Canty -- cover of Mythago Wood.

Victor Ambrus -- An illustrated book called Tales of King Arthur. My friends and I referred to him as "Vic Superblood" because he did such awesome blood sprays (odd for a children's book). He also did some of the art in the Tolkien Bestiary (the elves).

Ian Miller -- Tolkien Bestiary (balrogs, dragons, trolls, I think the barrow wights, and a bunch of others).

Bob Pepper -- He did the art for the Dark Tower board game, and some really incredible art for a card game called Dragonmaster. Really unique style; almost has a stained-glass look to it.

Alan Lee -- Castles.

Mike Mignola -- Chronicles of Corum limited series. Mike is the king of style, simplicity, and design.

john buscema - his conan is the definitive conan look imo. the man was also very quick. he could basicly do two comics per month and the art was still better than what many of these new "superstars" can do in 6 months.

todd mcfarlane - the lizard/calypso story was probably the most awesome comic book i had seen at that point, and it still looks very good. sucks that he never does anything anymore.

dale keown - the hulk issue where he walks in to a bar with samson and the ringmaster in the opening page after just getting all his personalities merged. that issue blew me away and made hulk cool.

takehiko inoue - vagabond. i've only seen glimpses of his other stuff and it doesnt look nearly as great as vagabond does.

mcniven - marvel knights 4. i was stunned how such a low tier book had so awesome art.

Rick Leonardi - Spiderman 2099. Rick really made it seem like Bladerunner meets Spiderman. His sequentials were fluid and flowed easily from panel-to-panel and his action scenes were top-notch.

Ivan Reis - Rann/Thanagar war. I assumed the art in this series would be of the same run-of-the-mill caliber as the Villains United and magic-users mini-series leading up to Infinite Crisis. Boy, was I wrong. This guy needs to do the X-men.

Liyon I have to agree w/ you on Rick Leonardi. he was the man, and that Spidey 2099 stuff was great. However I feel he was getting a bit sloppy by that point(maybe it was the inker), his prime was during work he did on Daredevil and Uncanny X-Men a few years earlier. Either way he rocks though, and his Spidey 2099 stuff still had that fluid energy. Sadly, like John Byrne, his most recent work is nowhere near as good as it used to be.

Mignola is another badass.