Invented measuring standard. Kinda gay,makes sense

So my buddy and I are digging a few post holes today to fix this section of fence. Of course it's tiring and we keep measuring the hole, diameter as well. 

Eventually I say it 8 more inches,l about the length if a black mans shaft, I say. 

We dig some more and I say, 6 inches to go, two china men's shafts. 

At that point it dawned on is that we could basically do most guesstimating using these two forms of measurment.

A half china man shaft is 1"-2" 

A half black shaft is 4" -6"

Full china man 2"-4"

Full black 8"-12"

I know it's gay but its a really easy system 

It’s good to Use something you are familiar with and can relate to...and when you love your job you’ll never work a day in your life.