inversion tables for back pain ?

I believe the DRX is a new tool used to do spinal decompression. It involves getting on a machine that basically pulls your lower half from your top half. Stretching the spine in the process, elevating your disc pressure. Very new. Not sure if it works or no.

Kostakio, I remember Howard Stern saying that Sarno and his book saved his life. He swears by it.


Temp fix. I own one and have used one since I was a kid. The old man used one for his back, it can help with pressure release in the spine and may be able to help with realignment. You can get'em for about a bill now.

You have a link Derek ?!

Also, how long do you do. 10:00 minutes once, twice a day ?

I would think someone would try everything, before surgery, to see if anything worked for them.

in all honesty, what has really helped me with my lower back pain is doing the first part of the turkish get up and side planks.

You lost me homie....

turkish get ups (w/ kettle bells?) helped your lower back?

Then only thing that helps me is my chiro ane about 10 minutes of stretches done after work and before bed.

the first part of the turkish get up with a kettlebell...yes, helped me big time!!!!! i have a herniated disk l4-l5 and a bad bulge l5-s1 when i started tog et my mobility back i started to do the exercise witrh a 15#er and now i do it with the 35#er. i dont know what it is but that first where u roll up with that slight twist just hits those deep stabilizer muscles and well, now i have 0 sciatica pain and full mobility, the pain went away in a couple of weeks

dont forget the side plank position for like 30 seconds each side,just a little icing on the cake. again this is what has worked for me. if anyone else tries it out and it helps then great!!! back pain sux ass