Inverted rows anyone else a fan?

I love doing inverted rows. Ben Bruno aticles got me interested in focusing on this exercise. I feel my back better doing this exercise more than traditional rows.

Also these are great for shoulder health.


Yeah, there awesome!! I eventually want to work up to doing them with one arm.

Hell yeah, Ben Bruno is the shit.

TRX or Rings are both great . TRX is good for 1 arm rows because you can easily adjust your body angle as a progression .

I do them on the bar and rings...amazing stuff

joemasepoos - TRX or Rings are both great . TRX is good for 1 arm rows because you can easily adjust your body angle as a progression .

I have rings. Do you mean that you start out with the rings set high and then lower them as you get stronger?

ArthurKnoqOut - I do them on the bar and rings...amazing stuff

Yes sir!! My shoulders are the healthiest they have been in a long time since I started doing these.

Lloyd gave me my bluename 9/11 Clown Top Team -  I will take a smith machine and set the bar to the 3rd to 5th lowest setting and do them starting on the ground.

I like them but I find myself strugging to move up in reps.

If you are advanced, then I can understand the difficulty in upping the reps. If you have only been doing them awhile keep at it. I felt like I was spinning my wheels with these at first.

One thing I think that helped me was that I do exercises to strengthen my core, which helps with inverted row performance.

We are only as strong as our weakest link.

I also forgot to mention that the angle of pull can effect how you progress with reps. The hardest angle is your body directly under the bar and pulling straight up.

You can make it easier by having more of your body in front of the bar, thus changing the angle and making it easier to pull.

This can be applied regardles off the height of the bar.

I always superset inverted rows with the bench press. I feel that this is a good approach for muscle balance, since the inverted row is pretty much a direct opposite movement to the bench. I also do mine on a smith machine with my legs elevated so I can begin the movement as horizontal as possible.


I do mine on rings with my feet on a bar.


I've forgotten to mention that I do them parallel to the ground as well, either on the rings or the bar. And indeed, they are a great counter (especially in supersets) to the push press, bench press, push ups, etc!

 I do them in TRX bands with a 25 kg sandbag on my chest. When I can't do any more I just drop it off and continue without it.

if done right, inverted rows are TOUGH.

if you are doign them with 25 kg on your chest, chances are that your form is off.

 Why is that? Why would they be any harder than say chin ups and pull ups where you have your entire body weight to pull with your back and arms. People do them weighted too...

They can be done with external load... Weight vest, sand bag, chains, bands, etc.

^^ absolutely easier than weighted pull-ups...

Try and place a sandbag across your waist and combo a glute bridge with the inverted row... This is a bent leg variation, but definitely an ass kicker. Phone Post

 And one reason to do them weighted is if you prefer doing sets in the 4-6 rep range. Pretty much the same as with pushups. People go one arm or weighted to keep the max rep down.

ive added this to my routine and am lovin it


any links to the Ben Bruno articles mentioned?