Investing in copper

 The silver thread inspired me to create this one.

Anyone got any tips regarding investing in copper? What is a good way to acquire physical copper in the same way you can acquire physical silver by buying silver eagles and silver bars?

the easiest is to go to your local metal scrape yard who collect copper pipes,houseware..etc. or you can buy it in bullion form like bars and rounds although premiums are very high I found to have the best prices and rated very high by the B.B.B. I was actually going to buy 1 lb bar and 2 tubes of rounds.I believe the U.S. has to be in total collapse for it to turn in copper pay my rent but then again,being a silver bug,I belive silver will reach a point the people will have no choice but to turn to base metals mainly copper. So stack up my friend and good luck.

someone has to say it..

pre 82 pennies have almost 3 cents worth of copper per penny...