Investing in Mental Health?

I work in the mental health field, and it seems that with Bush being in office (I know, it's a gratuitous jab), that there are going to be more and more pressures on the middle class to make it. As a result, health care will be harder to come by, take-home pay for the middle class will decrease, and financial pressures will cause tensions to rise and stress to increase, making more and more people susceptible to depression, drug and alcohol abuse and other mental problems.

This means that there will be an increased need for more and more facilities to deal with the psychologically needy and those who need psychiatric help, as well as more and more nurses, doctors and support professionals to help them, as well as more companies that deal with the administration of health services in general.

People at my hospital agree that mental health services will be a growth industry in the first decade of the 21st century and beyond.

On the other hand, under the favor-the-rich Republicans, it seems as if wealth creation and investment opportunities will increase, if only because Bush et al want to improve the bottom line for the haves at the expense of the have-nots.

Bottom line is this: I need some advice on how to best profit from this anticipated uptick in mental health need. What types of investments should I be making in order to profit from the increased need for mental health services I see coming?

It is a huge and ever expanding masrket.

ok....any companies that might be good to invest in?

With the disproportionately huge aging and retiring baby boom population, the overall healthcare industry looks good to invest in.

Psychiatric Solutions Inc. (PSYS) has had a pretty good run this year.

Interesting. I'll have to look that up.

Yup...with all the liberal whinings u should have plenty of clients.


Investing in mental health.

Thats just crazy.

crazy like a fox.

What are your credentials?

You may want to consider side private practice and/or consulting?

I'm skeptical whether you can make any money in mental health. Health care is quasi-socialist, with fixed prices (Medicare plus private insurers bench-making to Medicare) and reimbursements are lower for mental health than probably any other area.

If you're a psychiatrist, you could specialize in rich liberals driven insane by Bush-hatred, cash only. There's a definite need for health care for this illness and by requiring cash you avoid having to deal with insurance companies (save a lot on overhead). Remember, as long as you're dealing with insurance companies, you can make more by seeing more patients or by cutting costs.

As an investor, a better way to play the scenario you're describing would be to invest in CCA (private prison company) and subprime lenders.

Depending on your credentials and area, you can find a niche.

In my area, getting consulting gigs for to professional development seminars can make some good side $$ on the side until have established a name for yourself.

People need CEU's to keep their licenses.
Often work reimburses, or they take the tax break... regardless no credential - no job.

There are a lot of tools in that sector.