Invicta 7?

Any threads or news on this card yet? The fights must be getting made by now. Phone Post

No news that I know of, other than the event being in October. Hopefully thats enough time to make fights for the Bellator cast-offs.

Yeah, I guess those rumors about Bellator downsizing had some merit. Phone Post

Jessica eye will be there and will fight for the belt imo... Will be awesome.

I'll post any info i can squeeze outta shannon. Phone Post 3.0

Thanks homie. Phone Post

Wasn't the Bellator rumor was that they were downsizing and a whole division is gone, guess that is the case if all WMMA fighters are gone.

I've got to agree about their website. They were taking suggestions after the last event about things they can improve. The website was my biggest complaint. Reminds me of when people still went to MySpace before they realized it was a graveyard. Phone Post

I think putting on great fights between world class fighters is what makes a promotion. Website looks fine to me, but I don't care about buying posters.

ttt Phone Post

WestCoastKid - Invicta FC is completely disorganized

Their website is a mess

Their website store...LOL

Where are their recent posters from their last event? ...Missing In Action
Lol okay. By all means, tell us how invicta should be run. Phone Post 3.0