Invicta Awesome!

Great feed.

Great fights.


These ladies have skills.

Julie kedzie has been great too!! I love mauro too!! Good to see him back. Awesome wmma is taking off ! Phone Post 3.0

OMG she's wicked! Phone Post 3.0

Op is 200% right! Phone Post 3.0

Is it me or is Cyborg, even though effective, is less efficient than most people think? Think about all of her Showtime fights.
She takes longer to finish lesser competition than she should.

12 seconds
ROUND 1 Phone Post 3.0

Like Wand.

Feed was a bit choppy for a while, but it's gotten better on this end. For the number of fights and the amount of heart and skill these ladies show, this is easily the best value in all of MMA.


Great job, Shannon Knapp!

Awesome card. I wanna make way to Kansas to watch this live. Phone Post 3.0

So what do you guys think? The negative attitude towards WMMA is changing?!? Phone Post 3.0

The ladies always bring it! Phone Post 3.0

ChokeEmOut - Wish they would shut the fuck up about "drug testing" etc. They sound like idiots.

Loved it! And DAYUM what a main event!!!


Cindy Phone Post 3.0

Awesome ppv

HYPEorDIE - Phone Post 3.0