Invincible Is Awesome

I just finished reading The Ultimate Collection Volume 3. Great, great stuff. I've read each hardcover in one sitting. The writing and page layouts are amazingly well done.

Invincible just might be my favorite book (perhaps tied with The Punisher MAX).

I wish Volume 4 was out already!

Yes it is. I was gonna make a similar thread next month when issue 50 hits. Neck and neck for me between this and Fables in terms of my favorite comic.

i have been sreamin this form teh roof tops for a long written superhero book around right now.....

I completely agree. It's really well written, and the clean art style fits perfectly.

I was reading it one time on the train home. It was the issue where invincible goes to the planet where his father was living. I was so into the fight between the father and the othe viltriums that I wasn't paying attention and I almost missed my stop.

This is the only book that I CANT wait to read each month.
I normally buy my books, bring them home and read them as I have time.
Invincible gets read in the car or soon as I walk in the door.

I finished the first hardcover not long ago. Everytime I go to my comic store they are either in the process of ordering the second or just sold it. I hope I can get it eventually. First one was sick. Especially when dude karate chops all his fellow team members in half.

just started reading it this week. So far I love it.